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There are many places to live in Brea. I myself have lived in a few of these great neighborhoods listed below. Brea Olinda High School was where I graduated. Go wildcats.

Brea is a light hearted city located in the Country of California. Having a population of 42,777 individuals and seven part areas, Brea is your 207th biggest community in California.

Home prices in Brea are amongst several of those

Brea is a white-collar town, with Fully 89.38percent of the work force employed in white-collar tasks, well over the national average. In general, Brea is a town of professionals, office and sales employees, and supervisors. You will find particularly a great deal of individuals dwelling in Brea who operate in management jobs (14.65percent ), administrative and office assistance (14.56%), along with earnings occupations (12.37%).

Of significant note, Brea can be a town of artists. Brea has more performers, designers and individuals working in media Than 90 percent of those communities in the usa. This concentration of musicians Helps contour Brea’s personality.

city of brea california


The town of Lambert is great.

Olinda Ranch

Olinda Ranch is a beautiful place to live.

Carbon Canyon

Great place to live


Gingerwood is the first place I lived in Brea. I dont remember much but from what I see in the family videos is it still has it’s nice quite charm.

Country Hills

Great schools and shops in Country Hills area. Country Hills offers housing apartments as well.

Downtown Brea

Downtown Brea is where you will have your most fun. The Brea promenade has restaurants like Cha Cha’s, a fun mexican resturant. After you go out to lunch or have one of their famous margartias. You can stop by our store location.

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