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Eagle Hills Neighborhood Christmas Lights in Brea

Thursday, Dec 6th, 18

Because of the popularity of This Eagle Hills Christmas Light Shows that the City of Brea is currently helping get word out. Christmas lights at the Eagle Hills neighborhood’s show is a community convention in Brea. The Eagle Hills inhabitants welcome thousands of people Every calendar year. Be a great neighbor when seeing the Eagle Hills Christmas Lights to assist to create the experience of everyone memorable. Eagle Hills’ inhabitants have requested that people keep these hints in mind.

• Expect to view congestion and traffic paths .

• Parking is available in also the Brea Sports Park along with Olinda School.

• Restrooms are accessible for use.

Pets can become overwhelmed with the number of individuals Though the lights are somewhat pleasurable for most. It’s advisable to leave pets.

• Due to traffic congestion and the pavement, it’s suggested to avoid using strollers.

• Please utilize the garbage cans for crap.

• finally, remember you’re a guest into the area and admire the residents’ property.

Directions To Brea Christmas lights down below. If you need plumbing services in Brea read more.